We are TStar Recruiting™, a highly regarded 5 office National Search Firm that has earned National recognition.

“We match the best with the best”.

TStar Recruiting™ was founded in 2005 by Tamara Star- now a 27 year veteran in the medical device business.

Collectively, we have over 30+ years of success partnering with organizations ranging from start-up / early stage to large multinational publicly traded companies in the medical device and technology arenas.

Our professional network runs wide and deep, and we’re honored to have become trusted advisors delivering results 100% of the time.

We use innovative and effective methods for screening and interviewing candidates because we believe the way an individual does anything is the way they do everything.  Emotional intelligence is just the beginning of our screening processes.  When we send our final top candidates, they have been carefully evaluated so that your hiring process is streamlined, fast, and effective.

TStar Recruiting™ serves a wide variety of clients who range from $2 million to $70 billion in size across all key medical industry sectors including disposables, capital, instrumentation, diagnostics, biotechnology, enterprise solutions, and Class I, II and III implantable devices.

We specialize in disruptive and emerging technologies and understand what it takes to be successful and deliver people to your team who understand this standard of excellence.

Our turn over rates are some of the lowest in the industry and we have an uncanny ability to build teams that deliver consistent results year after year.

We specialize in Sales, Sales Management, VP, CEO, Marketing and Director level recruiting & coaching.

We also consult with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms providing real-time, competitive information for Healthcare and Medical Device focused sectors.

Besides recruiting, we also specialize in:
• Early Stage Launch Sales Force Strategy
• Business and Sales Coaching for entire teams, leaders and  Corporate  Culture Coaching
• Sales Training and Sales Leadership consulting

Prior to becoming an executive recruiter, Tamara spent 16 years in the field working in various sales and management roles within leading medical device and early stage disruptive technology companies.

Tamara’s work has been featured in Yahoo News, Good Morning America, Sirius XM (on-air), The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, The Elephant Journal, NY Spirit, XOJane, The Good Men Project, Positively Positive, DayBreakUSA (on-air), and Former Oprah Producer LeGrande Green’s Get Bold Radio.